WCC is granted permission for a community-led plan to restore Seven Sisters Market

by wards corner community plan

Wards Corner Community Coalition members, market traders and ashopkeepers outside Tottenham Town Hall. 30th May 2012 Image courtesy of Pam Isherwood

Wards Corner Community Coalition members, market traders and shopkeepers outside Tottenham Town Hall.
30th May 2012 Image courtesy of Pam Isherwood

We are pleased to announce that Haringey Council has given planning permission for the Community Plan for the restoration of the Wards Corner building. This exciting and long awaited plan has been prepared by local Architectural Designer, Abigail Stevenson in conjunction with local community input and submitted by the West Green Road and Seven Sisters Development Trust along with Wards Corner Community Coalition (WCC).

“I am extremely happy to finally receive planning permission for this exciting project, and looking forward to the next steps . Abigail Stevenson, Architectural designer

The plan received overwhelming support on the planning website, StickyWorld site and on the ground by traders, residents and other local stakeholders. This support gives great heart to all the hard work that has gone into realising this new vision for the Gateway to Tottenham. It is clear from this support that The Wards Corner building is firmly in the collective memory of Tottenham, and supports the restoration approach to regeneration where the history and the character of an area is a driver for development.

“Here is a situation where a community has worked together to produce a plan which will benefit the community by not creating any displacement of home and businesses nor by moving people thereby providing a better and a more sustainable future for the community. This leads to better harmony and understanding in the community.” Moaz  Nanjuwany, Chair Tottenham Traders Partnership

The West Green Road and Seven Sisters Development Trust is now approaching necessary partners to deliver the proposal. A virtual tour of the plan is still hosted in StickyWorld.com a web platform which provides a forum where people can easily comment and start discussions on a three-dimensional vision of the future.

This recognition that the Community Plan meets the planning criteria is an important step forward for community lead development. When implemented this plan would build on an existing bustling and culturally unique market, as well as supporting local businesses, creating spaces for start ups and local artists while restoring a beautiful and iconic building to modern day energy efficient standards.  It would give Tottenham a building to take pride in and will be vital to the community and all those small businesses that already do so well in this area.

“It is a disgrace that this important building has been boarded up by Transport for London since 1972 despite many plans for its use. The community plan will make it an important destination for even more visitors than already come to the vibrant indoor market from all over London.” Sue Penny, Local Resident

“The Grainger plan is completely unrealistic and  has no logical reasoning. There is no consideration for low income earners who are struggling to survive. It’s a selfish project that I do not support as many do.  I support Wards Corner for the regeneration of Seven Sisters Market.” Ben, Property  Solutions. Seven Sisters Market

Attached below is the officers report from the council that is published along with the planning approval.

Officers Report