Reworked community plan submitted

by wards corner community plan

So its been a while in the making, but we are happy to present the new improved, collated and condensed community plan. We have reworked the design and access statement so that all of the important elements around the development are all in one document along with all of the drawings, this to create a narrative that flows a bit better and leads you through all of the integral parts of the community plan.

Front of the restored market

It also includes the additional bits of information that Haringey Council asked for after we submitted last summer. We are still waiting for it to be validated by the council, hopefully any day now. Excited to get feedback and a conversation going on about alternative development strategies.

You can download the plan by clicking on the link below.

WCC the Community Plan October 2013

One of the next things we are planning on doing is getting the development trust rolling, if you are interested in being part of this or want to know more, get in touch.

The restored first floor of the market

The restored first floor of the market