Wards Corner Community Plan

Community Lead Development for Tottenham

Its Time to Challenge the CPO at Seven Sisters

Sadly Haringey Council is pushing ahead with the ill-conceived plans to demolish the local heritage buildings located at Wards Corner along with homes and businesses on the city block between West Green Road, Seven Sisters Road, the High Road and Suffield Road at South Tottenham all while there is a viable alternative!

The Community Plan from the air

Proposed restoration of Seven Sisters Market

Since council-backed, private developer Grainger has failed to acquire all the properties on the open market, Haringey Council has started the formal Compulsory Purchase Order process in order to attempt to assemble the site required to pursue this destructive development. By objecting to the CPO there is a greater likleyhood that the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government will overturn the CPO and allow Tottenham to retain an iconic historic builiding, safeguard the Latin American community that makes up a large part of the traders inside the existing market.

Objections to the CPO can be made to the National Planning Casework Unit, 5 St Philips Place, Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2PW.

Or email npcu@communities.gsi.gov.uk

Title your objection “(Wards Corner Regeneration Project) Compulsory Purchase Order 2016.

Give your name, address and interest in the land. As it is our town center then I think we all have an interest in the land. The deadline is 21st October which is very soon.

You need to outline in the letter why you want to see the buildings, businesses and homes on this site saved. Below are some suggestions, feel free to use these, all of them, some of them, even better would be your own words.

Objection letter (Wards Corner Regeneration) Compulsory Purchase Order 2016
Name: …………………………………….
Interest in the Land…………………………….

I object to the Compulsory purchase order for the following reasons;

There is a viable and sustainable alternative plan (Wards Corner Community Plan HGY/2014/0575) that has planning permission and will restore the historic and iconic Wards Corner building.

I oppose the demolition of an Historic Building and replacement with a block of little architectural merit by Grainger.

There is no social Housing provided in the proposed Grainger development. Only private gated flats.

There has been massive and sustained local objection to the Grainger Plan for the last seven years with over 2,000 objections on planning websites.

Despite being offered alternative premises; Seven Sisters Market is put at risk of being priced out of any future developments.

Grainger has refused to move any market stallholders in Seven Sisters Market to a new site except the original licence holders, which will result in decimation of the market, thus rendering it unviable.

The Wards Corner Community Plan for restoration of Wards Corner will result in less disruption for local businesses and will keep the entire market on site, The Community plan to restore Wards Corner is a more sustainable plan.

There has been a lack of proper public consultation for Grainger plan.

The Latin American Community at Seven Sisters Market is a treasure, one of the things that truly makes Tottenham unique, it is one of the only places in London for this community, its important.

Demolition will erase the history of Tottenham. Seven Sisters urgently needs its history to give it a sense of place and community.

This local town centre, is vital to Tottenham. Any building put on this site must be of high quality and for the use and ownership by the community to give civic pride to Tottenham. The Grainger plan for private gated flats with chain stores will not fulfil this requirement. There are good examples of this form of civic pride further up the High Road that can be seen to be reaping benefits for the area.

Objections to the Grainger plan have been made by prominent organisations. Eg. English Heritage. Planning Aid for London, Tottenham Traders, London Forum of Civic and Amenities Groups, Save Britain’s Heritage, Tottenham CAAC, Tottenham Civic Society, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations and Princes Regeneration Trust.

Wards Corner Community Coalition (WCC), has received much publicity opposing the Grainger plan. Eg. Films, TV documentaries and research by Universities.

Failure to publish any viability plans despite requests for such information.

There has been a questionable use of just under £2 million from “New Deal for Communities” given to Grainger for their redevelopment.

The Grainger plan will damage local economy, replacing skilled small businesses with poorly paid unskilled retail work.

For many years there has been a consistent refusal by Tfl and Haringey Council to engage with any enquiries from parties interested in restoring and using the current building.


The harm caused by the Grainger development would be substantial and would not be outweighed by any benefits to the local area.

Remember the deadline is the
21st OCTOBER 2016
To the National Planning Casework Unit, 5 St Philips Place, Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2PW. email npcu@communities.gsi.gov.uk

References… if you want to know more background information

CPO notice

Seven sisters regeneration CPO page

Haringey council CPO Impact Equalities Assessment

Haringey cabinet meeting muinites

BBC Radio Columbia

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Officers Report for the Community Plan that has planning permission

The Community Plan

What’s going on at Wards Corner?

The Community Plan has been passed!

In April 2014 Haringey Council granted planning permission for a proposal presented to them by a development trust that has grown out of a group of Tottenham residents and traders known as the WCC  (The Wards Corner Community Coalition).

The plan aims to:

  • Renovate the old Wards Corner Department store, on the corner of Tottenham High Rd and Seven Sisters Rd,  for sustainable re- use,
  • provide affordable space with improved conditions, facilities and support for expansion of  the existing Seven Sisters Indoor Market,
  • bring the unused 2400m² of space on the upper floors and in the corner building back to life, creating space for community services, art exhibitions and events, start- up businesses and social enterprise,
  • create new employment opportunities in Tottenham N15,
  • respect and enhance this historic Conservation Area, and
  • retrofit the building to reduce its energy use by 75%.


 Q: “How can it be financed and made to work?”

A: “By cultivating a thriving Development Trust.”


The plan can be delivered by a development trust, set up to represent the shared interests of residents, businesses and groups based in and around Wards Corner.  A trust for this purpose has already been registered at Companies House under the name of the West Green Road and Seven Sisters Development Trust.

Sign up here to find out more.

What is a Development Trust?

Development trusts are defined as organisations which:

  • are engaged in the economic, environmental and social regeneration of a defined area or community,
  • aim for financial sustainability through trading or delivering services as community enterprises,
  • are not for private profit,
  • are community based and owned,
  • are independent yet actively involved in partnerships and alliances between the community, voluntary, private and public sectors,
  • create wealth within communities and keep it there.

Seven Sisters indoor market

The Wards building, a former Edwardian department store, is  currently home to an indoor market on the ground floor with traders from diverse communities including Columbia, Peru, Africa, Iran, the Caribbean and Asian countries. The market is a major destination for London’s large Latin American population (estimated one million) and other visitors from all over London.

Next Steps

  1. The trust needs to establish a large membership made up of people who have an interest in furthering the aims of the community plan.
  2. The trust members will democratically elect a board of trustees who, with help from members will;
  • obtain funding and support from various sources,
  • clarify and communicate  the aims and structure of  the organisation,
  • further develop the business plan,
  • appoint and employ contractors and paid staff,
  • monitor the project to ensure that it is proceeding in line with its agreed aims.



The Community plan includes many exciting features.

This image illustrates its proposal to re-instate the original light- wells on the first floor in order to  bring light flooding through from the existing sky-lights down to the ground floor.

Similar projects

Similar projects have been successful in other areas, for example, Coin St Community Builders  (London, South Bank), Brixton Green and Portland Works (Sheffield) to name a few

–  so we know  it is possible!

Register your interest in joining the Trust

We are encouraging all local people, groups, organisations and supporters to get involved in the development trust.

We need as many people as possible to contribute their ideas, experience, skills, time and/or support!

To register your interest in becoming director, member and/or getting involved in helping to move forward with the Trust, leave your details below.

Keep up to date with the development trust by signing up here

Watch this space for the first meeting of the development trust.   

How to get involved

Come to the regular WCC meetings – currently every Monday 6.30-8.30pm at the Garden House restaurant, 410 High Rd, N17 9JB

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 Contact us:

Wards Corner Community Coalition website Facebook Twitter

Email: wardscornercommunity@riseup.com




Next steps, Meeting Monday 12th 6:30pm Beehive Pub!

Last week the fight to save Wards Corner moved one step closer. Haringey Council granted us planning permission to restore the Wards Department store.

A massive thank you to everyone who helped us get to this stage! Your support and involvement is always appreciated.

The granting of planning permission for the Wards Corner community plan is an important   step forwards. We now have a better position from which to approach TfL, and potential backers in our mission to make the plan a reality. But we need people to rally behind this! If you would like to get involved  or find out how you could help please drop us an email or come to our next meeting at 6.30pm, Monday 12 May at the Beehive Pub on Stoneleigh Road, by Halifax on the High Road (beehiven17.com).

However Grainger PLC still have planning permission for their plan and the threat of displacement and demolition still remains. Haringey Council have an agreement with Grainger PLC to use compulsory purchase orders to force local businesses and homes out of Wards Corner. We need to continue to work alongside the people directly affected by the Grainger plan to campaign against the injustices they face and to encourage Grainger, the Council and TfL to work with the local community in creating a plan for Wards Corner that meets the needs of local people.

But we shouldn’t let this grey cloud over Wards Corner take away from the positive step of gaining planning permission. This is a fantastic example of what can be achieved by working together. We hope Haringey councillors and senior council officers now take the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with the local people of Tottenham, and stops pursuing developments across Tottenham that will lead to the displacement and demolition of local communities and valued heritage.

So much can be achieved by working together.

WCC is granted permission for a community-led plan to restore Seven Sisters Market

Wards Corner Community Coalition members, market traders and ashopkeepers outside Tottenham Town Hall. 30th May 2012 Image courtesy of Pam Isherwood

Wards Corner Community Coalition members, market traders and shopkeepers outside Tottenham Town Hall.
30th May 2012 Image courtesy of Pam Isherwood

We are pleased to announce that Haringey Council has given planning permission for the Community Plan for the restoration of the Wards Corner building. This exciting and long awaited plan has been prepared by local Architectural Designer, Abigail Stevenson in conjunction with local community input and submitted by the West Green Road and Seven Sisters Development Trust along with Wards Corner Community Coalition (WCC).

“I am extremely happy to finally receive planning permission for this exciting project, and looking forward to the next steps . Abigail Stevenson, Architectural designer

The plan received overwhelming support on the planning website, StickyWorld site and on the ground by traders, residents and other local stakeholders. This support gives great heart to all the hard work that has gone into realising this new vision for the Gateway to Tottenham. It is clear from this support that The Wards Corner building is firmly in the collective memory of Tottenham, and supports the restoration approach to regeneration where the history and the character of an area is a driver for development.

“Here is a situation where a community has worked together to produce a plan which will benefit the community by not creating any displacement of home and businesses nor by moving people thereby providing a better and a more sustainable future for the community. This leads to better harmony and understanding in the community.” Moaz  Nanjuwany, Chair Tottenham Traders Partnership

The West Green Road and Seven Sisters Development Trust is now approaching necessary partners to deliver the proposal. A virtual tour of the plan is still hosted in StickyWorld.com a web platform which provides a forum where people can easily comment and start discussions on a three-dimensional vision of the future.

This recognition that the Community Plan meets the planning criteria is an important step forward for community lead development. When implemented this plan would build on an existing bustling and culturally unique market, as well as supporting local businesses, creating spaces for start ups and local artists while restoring a beautiful and iconic building to modern day energy efficient standards.  It would give Tottenham a building to take pride in and will be vital to the community and all those small businesses that already do so well in this area.

“It is a disgrace that this important building has been boarded up by Transport for London since 1972 despite many plans for its use. The community plan will make it an important destination for even more visitors than already come to the vibrant indoor market from all over London.” Sue Penny, Local Resident

“The Grainger plan is completely unrealistic and  has no logical reasoning. There is no consideration for low income earners who are struggling to survive. It’s a selfish project that I do not support as many do.  I support Wards Corner for the regeneration of Seven Sisters Market.” Ben, Property  Solutions. Seven Sisters Market

Attached below is the officers report from the council that is published along with the planning approval.

Officers Report

Community Plan for Wards Corner to be Launched with Virtual Tour of the Proposal

Screen shot of StickyWorld showing the restored Wards Stores building

Screen shot of StickyWorld showing the restored Wards Stores building

The Wards Corner Community Coalition (WCC) are celebrating their community-led plan for Wards Corner this week by going virtual!

On Thursday 27th March the WCC will be holding an event to showcase the proposal and join in discussion about the proposed plans for regeneration of the distinctive building at Seve Sisters. It will start at 7pm at Blankita Restaurant, (opposite the Costa Coffee at Tottenham Hale retail park) 189 Broad Lane, N15 4QT. There will be some introductory talks followed by guided navigation of the proposal.

The WCC have been working for over a year with the Open University and Creative Citizens to develop innovative and accessible ways to engage people on issues about planning and regeneration. They have been using the StickyWorld.com platform to display 3D pictures of the Community Plan and to provide a forum where people can easily comment and start discussion on the plans.

The project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. You can take the virtual tour and contribute to the conversation here: 


The WCC have invited the Council and a number of local and national organisations involved in planning to the launch to demonstrate the benefits of tools like StickyWorld for engaging and empowering local people.

The Community Plan is awaiting a planning application decision by Haringey Council, people can still view and comment on the application via this link until Friday 28th March:


What people are saying about StickyWorld and WCC…

“The WCC has always been committed to community-led planning. The regeneration agenda proposed by Haringey Council will have such a huge impact on the lives of local people, yet they are left out of the decision making process. Surveys and policy consultation don’t engage people and don’t allow much room to have meaningful discussion about what’s best for the area. That’s why it’s so important that we work towards new ways of involving people in planning and empowering them to make decisions.”

– James Skinner, WCC


“The StickyWorld site is the result of a year-long co-creation activity with WCC to invite bottom-up participation and catalyse a constructive conversation about design and planning issues in the area. This site really turns consultation on its head; it was created by the local community through a truly collaborative process, and through starting with the needs and aspirations of those who will be directly affected by the development of the area. WCC are a prime example of creative citizens, building a legacy that may go beyond affecting local plans to influence our understanding of what community-led design means”

– Katerina Alexiou, Creative Citizens


Stickyworld presents a real tangible way of engaging with people about developments before they occur, and I welcome this as a method of changing the way we conceive our built environment.”

 Abigail Stevenson, Community Plan Architectural Designer


“At Stickyworld we continue to be impressed with the dedication and creativity of the Wards Corner Community – as demonstrated by their virtual tour for community-led proposals for their area. We think this project raises the bar in online community engagement on regeneration proposals, and it illustrates the potential for Stickyworld’s platform to help more communities discuss and shape plans together through a more visual, informative and open online conversation.”

– Michael Kohn, StickyWorld CEO


Come and join us!


Link to Comment on the Plan and Poster

Here is the link to search for the planning application

http://tinyurl.com/WCCplan then put in this reference number: HGY/2014/0575

We  would appreciate your comments on the community plan for Wards Corner (the market at Seven Sisters tube station), the consultation ends on the 28th of this month, next Friday!

If you want to tell your friends there is also a poster available to download and print here.

A3 Poster 2014.03.17 with ref

Planning Application Validated

On Friday the 7th of March The Community Plan for Wards Corner was validated by Haringey Council Planning Department.

So what does all of this mean? Well, now local people can let the council know what they think about the scheme, this can be done by following this link, here you can find all of the submitted documents and leave your comments. This public consultation period is going on till the end of the month (the 28th March) so get your thoughts in by then.

We should be getting a decision by the 24th of April, and I will put up any news as it comes along here.


Reworked community plan submitted

So its been a while in the making, but we are happy to present the new improved, collated and condensed community plan. We have reworked the design and access statement so that all of the important elements around the development are all in one document along with all of the drawings, this to create a narrative that flows a bit better and leads you through all of the integral parts of the community plan.

Front of the restored market

It also includes the additional bits of information that Haringey Council asked for after we submitted last summer. We are still waiting for it to be validated by the council, hopefully any day now. Excited to get feedback and a conversation going on about alternative development strategies.

You can download the plan by clicking on the link below.

WCC the Community Plan October 2013

One of the next things we are planning on doing is getting the development trust rolling, if you are interested in being part of this or want to know more, get in touch.

The restored first floor of the market

The restored first floor of the market

Public Meeting 

The Wards Corner Community Plan will be presented at

Tottenham Chances (339 High Road, N17 6QN) on the

26th of July at 7pm

This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and find out more.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Local Press – What’s been happening since the plan was submitted